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Oak framed Mirror

mirror frameFirst item on this page is a mirror, well no we did not make the mirror but we did make the oak frame. Our client was left the mirror by a relative, and did not like the frame it was in, as the mirror was in perfect condition it was decided a new frame to suit its new location would be in order. So here it is one new Oak frame a simple job and one very satisfied customer. 



Mirror stand

Mirror stand

while we are talking about mirrors this is another mirror product we made recently this time a floor standing base unit with a beech drawer in a painted carcase. The Beech framed mirror pivots between the two uprights to allow the user to change the viewing angle.











Plate Rack

Plate rackThis Plate rack was made for a client a few years ago and was used in the kitchen of a two million pound house. This is an intersting mix of several different woods, the main uprights are Mahogany the rails carrying the plates are Iroko, and the top pediment is Sycamore.








Entrance gates

Mahogany gatesThese Main Entrance gates constucted in Sappele and coated with Sadolin wood preserver had to be made for a client, thanks to a delivery driver who made sure the old gates would never close properly again. In fact I believe several drivers all managed to hit them within a few months.






Oak Shelf 

Oak ShelfThis simple lokking Oak shelf was in fact quite a problem as it involved some tricky spindle moulder work. The shelf is 5" x 5", that is 5" tall and 5" out from the wall and completly cove shaped. It has mitred return ends and a small fiddle rail around the front edge to stop small items falling off. The whole shelf was coated with Sanding sealer and then wax polished.                




End viewClose up view showing shape of shelf.